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[ ] You are almost always eager at what you're doing.
[ ] In particular, you love fighting or watching fights.
[ ] You're loud on your opinions and thinks simple, often to someone else's frustration.
[ ] In particular, there's someone that "sticks out like a sore thumb" for you.
[ ] People tend to be surprised at what you can do.
[ ] You value your friends highly.
[ ] You're quick to make new friends at your community.
[ ] You have an older sibling that you respect and love so much.
[ ] You're always enthusiastic on finding new challenges and/or experiencing something new.
[ ] You're either one or all of these: Serious and determined, brash and a show-off, or gleeful and uncompromising.

[ ] You're considered smart and knowledgeable.
[ ] You know the above, and you're proud of it.
[ ] You often do some expositions/give some trivias whenever an info is brought up to you (and you often feel the need to do it).
[ ] You can be hardworking for the one thing you aim for.
[ ] You're in a love/hate relationship with someone/something.
[ ] Being a cheery and upbeat person is the one thing most ppl think about you.
[ ] You're especially intrigued at mystical things.
[ ] You're often envious at someone who's better than you at one thing.
[ ] You act younger than you are.
[ ] You're either one or all of these: Vicious and dominating, calmly sweet and a bookworm, or charming and energetic.

[ ] You're calm and caring most of the time.
[ ] However, you can be angry sometimes, and really scaring other people when you're angry.
[ ] You're a big brother/sister or considered as one by your buddies.
[ ] And as such you're very respected by the ppl close to you.
[ ] You love the nature.
[ ] You're tall and slim. (Bonus points if you have considerable breasts, if you're a female.)
[ ] You tend to know other people's secrets.
[ ] You have a keen eyesight (i.e can see things from far away or can locate things anyone else cannot)
[ ] You're athletic and can run fast.
[ ] You're either one or all of these: proud at what you can do, sweet and oversensitive, or commanding and insightful.

[ ] People often thinking that you're scary and/or dark. Despite that, they (or at least the ppl closest to you) know you meant no harm.
[ ] You've done something really bad before and now you try to make up for it.
[ ] You have, or had, a girlfriend/boyfriend.
[ ] You have/had an injury on one side of your body.
[ ] You hate the concept of "higher social standings" and doesn't think too highly on "noble/popular" people.
[ ] You have a lot of experience over one thing that you often do.
[ ] You're almost always seem frowning and serious-looking.
[ ] You are, or were, a leader of a respected group.
[ ] You've seen many tragedies in your life (and bonus points if you were either the giving or the receiving end).
[ ] You're either one or all of these: humble and honorable, easily angered and unforgiving, or protective and tough (for the people you cared for).

[ ] You tend to talk blunt and to-the-point.
[ ] You're monotonous or ppl called you as such.
[ ] You tend to give ppl a blank stare over most things that happened.
[ ] You generally either don't feel what other people would feel over something, or hiding it.
[ ] You tend not to have any opinions regarding things around you, instead you tend to describe the facts about them.
[ ] Only ppl that you're familiar with know your secrets, and that you act differently towards them.
[ ] You're good at machinery and/or interested on the subject.
[ ] Your family members are very loyal towards you and will do whatever you asked them.
[ ] Sadly, you don't have that much of family members that you know of. (Bonus points if most of them are dead - sorry for being rude btw.)
[ ] You're either one or all of these: Practical and ruthless, elegant and regal, or cold but secretly yearning for affection.

[ ] You have a very cool dad and you want to be like him.
[ ] You're often called cute - but you know that you're stronger than you look.
[ ] You sometimes act gruff, just to prove your point.
[ ] Your dad is in charge of something (a city, a community, etc.)
[ ] You're pretty much subdued, reserved and sometimes looking silly but you can really scare people when you're angry.
[ ] You insist to be called by another name (bonus points if you hide a certain shameful thing behind it)
[ ] You have a family tradition (bonus points if you're proud at it)
[ ] You can be insensitive sometimes (better if ppl said it to you)
[ ] You always try to prove your worth, either for your family or your friends.
[ ] You're either one or all of these: Pretty but angry, dignified and confident, or a fast thinker and learner.

[ ] You have a very cool big bro/sis that you highly respected.
[ ] ...But your big sibling has done one unbelievable thing before. (that you know of.)
[ ] You often think of many things that are troubling you.
[ ] You're unassertive, clumsy and apologetic.
[ ] ...but you have a darker, more assertive side unknown to most people.
[ ] If there's a fight in front of you, you can only try to stop them but not really resolving the whole situation.
[ ] You like to decorate your hair and/or style it into lots of different styles.
[ ] You're Asian or half Asian.
[ ] You've trained yourself in some kind of martial arts.
[ ] You're either one or all of these: plucky and wise, deviant and sultry, or dependent and being in denial of something.

[ ] You're respected by many people.
[ ] You have a little sibling that you're proud of.
[ ] You have red(dish) hair.
[ ] You are a leader of a group. May not be big, but is respectable to any extent.
[ ] You love to be just and good.
[ ] You're stern and experienced.
[ ] You like fire. (you may not necessarily love getting burned though.)
[ ] When you face a problem in front of you, you always want to solve it immediately.
[ ] You like to collect accessories.
[ ] You're either one or all of these: Mature and hardened, passionate and laidback, or vengeful and cruel.

[ ] You're an orphan or half-orphan. (sorry.)
[ ] You're knowledgeable/interested in machinery.
[ ] You're very proud of your knowledge and you think there's nothing impossible.
[ ] People call you a bit off/insane/crazy.
[ ] You tend to be easily annoyed with things around you.
[ ] You're socially awkward.
[ ] You're obsessed with someone.
[ ] You really miss your childhood.
[ ] You're afraid of ghosts, and you can't understand mystical things.
[ ] You're either one or all of these: Brutal (or at least thinks you'd like to be brutal), calculating and tactical, or really hates everything.



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I'm actually someone here in dA, just in another account =)


ElswordStamp by DeathByDarknessAisha Stamp by DeathByDarknessRena Stamp by DeathByDarkness
Raven Stamp by DeathByDarknessEve Stamp by DeathByDarknessChung Stamp by DeathByDarkness
Ara Stamp by DeathByDarknessElesis Stamp (Elsword Online) by SimlishBaconAdd Stamp by SimlishBacon
Lu/Ciel Stamp by SimlishBacon
Sword Knight-Lord Knight Stamp by DeathByDarknessMagic Knight-Rune Slayer Stamp by DeathByDarknessSheath Knight Infinity Sword Stamp by DeathByDarkness
Battle Mage Dimension Witch Stamp by DeathByDarknessHigh Mage-Elemental Master by DeathByDarknessDark Mage-Void Princess Stamp by DeathByDarkness
Combat Ranger-Wind Sneaker by DeathByDarknessSniping Ranger-Grand Archer by DeathByDarknessTrapping Ranger Night Watcher Stamp by DeathByDarkness
Sword Taker-Blade Master Stamp by DeathByDarknessWeapon Taker Veteran Commander Stamp by DeathByDarknessOver Taker-Reckless Fist Stamp by DeathByDarkness
Code Architecture-Code Empress by DeathByDarknessCode Electra Battle Seraph Stamp by DeathByDarknessCode Exotic-Code Nemesis Stamp by DeathByDarkness
Fury Guardian-Iron Paladin by DeathByDarknessShootingGuardian-DeadlyChaser by DeathByDarknessShelling Guardian Tacticle Trooper Stamp by DeathByDarkness
Little Hsien Sakra Devanam Stamp by DeathByDarknessLittle Devil Yama Raja Stamp by SimlishBaconLittle Specter Asura Stamp by SimlishBacon
Saber Knight Grand Master Stamp by SimlishBaconPyro Knight Blazing Heart Stamp by SimlishBaconDark Knight Crimson Avenger Stamp by SimlishBacon
Arc Tracer Mastermind Stamp by SimlishBaconPsychic Tracer Lunatic Psyker Stamp by SimlishBaconTime Tracer Diabolic Esper Stamp by SimlishBacon
Chiliarch Dreadlord Stamp by SimlishBaconRoyal Guard Noblesse Stamp by SimlishBacon

Fav Elsword pairings: LK/EM, RS/DW, IS/VP, GA/DC, BM/CE, RF/CN, VC/TT

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